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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bora Bora Island Probably one of world's most beautiful Island

The Euro has started to erode support level at 1.4000, with a brief excursion to 6-month low at 1.3935, before returning above 1.4000, where it might consolidate on the near-term, ahead of furter decline to 1.3860, says Karen Jones, technical analyst at Commezbank.

sees the pair consolidating at current levels before dropping further, targeting 1.3860 area: "EUR/USD has eroded 1.4000. It has not yet closed below its 55 week moving average at 1.3980 and may see some near term consolidation ahead of losses to its 200 week moving average at 1.3860."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty of Australia

Australian Dollar's decline from 0.9330 area on mid January reached a fresh 3-week low at 0.8980 on Friday and the pair has remained moving between 0.9000 and 0.9100 ever since.

On hourly carts, Rajoo C, technical analyst at Precise Trader, sees the pair sideways while below 0.9300:Hourly Trend is Sideways while 8980 holds and Daily Trend is Sideways Down while 9300 holds, so expect the price to be Choppy and Downside may be limited."

NZD/USD decline from 0.7400 area on Jan 19, extended on Friday to a fresh 3-week low at 0.7090, and the pair remains consolidating between the mentioned low and 0.7170 on the upside, with downside bias still active. Resistance levels lie at 0.7170 and 0.7200. Support levels are 0.7090/00, and 0.7050.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fountains show in Dubai

One traveler shared his impressions regarding a helicopter excursion over Dubai. He was lucky to come to the world highest building Burdzh Dubai, the biggest trading complex – Mall of Dubai to have supper with friends and to see the fabulous fountains show. The fountains were blowing 50 meters high and the show was accompanied by music. Affecting spectacle!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Harbin Ice And Snow World Town Made Out of Ice And Snow

Harbin Ice and Snow World is probably one of the world’s hottest entertaining destinations right now, even if it is made out of ice and snow.

Harbin is located in northeastern China. This is whole town made out of snow and ice and it is also called Ice-made Disneyland.

It covers more than 400.000 square meters and it is built of 120.000 cubic meters of ice and 100.000 cubic meters of snow.

You can find there hotels, bars, football and golf playing fields and all of that is made out of ice and snow. It is hard not to wonder how this investiment can be profitable if all of this is going to melt in summer.

Dollar was able to eek out small gains on a quiet Asian session ahead of Fridays labour figures. Gains we insignificant as the Greenbakc traded largely flat against its major pairs. USD/JPY yielded for the session, taking a break from its previous two significant green Asian sessions.

The other major pairs will be impacted heavily by the outcome of the NFP data on Friday, and as such trading is cagey on these pairs. Eurozone situation was stamped into focus again today as Iceland continued their refusal to budge on repayment agreement for historic defaults with UK and Netherlands.

The broad picture for the Greenback against its major partners as we head to the Asian close is as follows: EUR/USD 1.4397/99 (-0.07%), Swissy 1.0288/92 (+0.13%), Cable 1.6002/05 (-0.09%), USD/JPY 92.26/26 (-0.05%).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Capsule Hotel in Japan

Here’s a good example of culture differences. In Japan, it is something common to have such capsule hotels. It is made for businessmen in the first place, who don’t have time to go home and start working very early. Or for people who didn’t catch the last train. Their well developed train system shuts down around midnight.
So, here you go, little boxes where you can only be in a lying position. There’s even a small TV set at your feet. More pix after a jump.

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