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Thursday, February 25, 2010

people`s Building, Shanghai

Two arched bodies emerge - one on the ground, the other in water - in direction to the sky, united at the top and bounding in a unique monumental building of hurled forms, similar to a tube of perfumed action and bended by an immense force. Its profile suggests the Chinese alphabetic character which means "people". That's the way the People's Building will be at the Expo 2010, in Shanghai,China.

The Povo Building (codename: REN) is a project of a group of danish architects and designers named BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). An oriental philosophical form, a symbol which goes beyond the similarity with the calligraphic sign with whom it identifies. That way, the body emerges from water and is dedicated to the activities of physical culture, sports, etc.; since the emerging body of land is destined to activities such as "spiritual enrichment" - conference center and others. At the point of encounter, where the building turns into one, is located a hotel of 1000 rooms! 250 000m2 of constructed area...

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